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Spring Alphathon™ - 2016 : No Longer Active

The Spring Alphathon™ has now concluded. Congratulations to all who competed successfully and those who have as well joined the global team of Research Consultants!

Participants in the Spring Alphathon™ had the privilege of participating in free training sessions and other educational events to learn about finance, alphas and building predictive models. Many participants with STEM backgrounds left the competition with a firmer grasp on how to utilize their quantitative skills in the world of investment finance. If you participated and did not get an offer for a Research Consultant position with a stipend, don’t worry -- you can still continue building alphas and improving your scores to potentially earn a spot on the Research Consultant team.

If you missed participating in the Spring Alphathon™ there is good news—the WorldQuant Challenge is a year-round event and you can participate today. We are planning similar incentive-based events in the future!



Spring is a great time to start something new and challenging! WorldQuant is currently offering a very unique opportunity to apply your quantitative skills through our Spring Alphathon, which is part of the WorldQuant Challenge.


The WorldQuant Challenge provides interested candidates with an opportunity to test their trading ideas and strategies using WebSim, WorldQuant’s web-based market simulator.  Qualified candidates earn points for quality alphas, and these points can lead to Bronze, Silver and Gold status.  Individuals who achieve Silver and Gold may be considered for Research Consultant positions with WorldQuant.

How the Spring Alphathon Works

The Spring Alphathon makes the WorldQuant challenge even more exciting through the potential for up to 100 participants to receive a ONE-TIME SPECIAL STIPEND, at WorldQuant’s discretion, to individuals who progress to Gold level in two categories:

  • Level 1: The top 30 scorers that reach Gold level during the Alphathon period.
  • Level 2:  The next 70 ranked scorers who reach Gold level during the Alphathon period.


The participant with the highest total points at the close of the competition may be given a one-time special stipend! ( Note: One-time special stipend amounts will vary depending on the level and rank.)


In each case, stipends are subject to WorldQuant’s discretion and will only be given to participants who are eligible to become Research Consultants (and actually become Research Consultants).

Note that only those alphas created on or after March 1, 2016 will be considered for Alphathon scoring.


Please refer to the guidelines for a full statement regarding how the Alphathon works.