What is the Virtual Research Center?

How Do I Get Started?

Once you register for a new account and are approved as a user, you will have immediate access to our robust knowledge database, including recorded training sessions, self-paced tutorials and suggested reading materials. Competition participants will build, test and refine financial market signals (alphas) using WebSim, WorldQuant’s proprietary web-based financial markets simulation tool. Those who excel by developing the best-performing alphas will not only learn, but also be considered for research consultant positions.


Learning Opportunities

Once you enroll, you’ll be presented with regular opportunities to learn about quantitative finance and implement your ideas. As you progress through the challenge, you will advance through various stages – each offering distinct educational resources.

Learn more about your path to success.



Learn about the financial market, work with basic stock pricing and volume data, perform simulations, interpret results, learn how to convert ideas to Alphas.



Receive training that will help you understand Alpha quality and avoid common pitfalls such as overfitting ideas and data mining



Study how to combine a firm’s fundamental data and/or analyst estimates with a stock’s price & volume data to build even better predictive signals



Improve Alphas through exclusive access to instructions on how to integrate non-traditional datasets and implement advanced Alpha building methods


Our seasonal and local contests are a great time to learn and earn. Look out for unique opportunities throughout the year to apply your quantitative skills, earn compelling incentives and potentially be considered for research consultant positions.