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WorldQuant’s Research Consultant Program harnesses the best quantitative minds in the world to create superior Alphas for trading strategies.

WorldQuant Challenge

Mr. Lee receiving his award certificate from WorldQuant’s Chief Research Officer

Mr. Lee

Consultants and Challenge participants come from around the world and hold many different jobs, from students to engineers, programmers to farmers. Watch how Lee discovered the Challenge and how his experience in agriculture influences his approach to Alpha design.




Education: Bachelor’s degree in statistics
Languages: English, Mandarin

Liang is from China. In 2016 he joined WorldQuant’s China Quantitative Research Summer Internship Program, where his excellent performance provided him the opportunity to become a Research Consultant. In his spare time, he enjoys music and sports.

My hometown is Erdos, a beautiful city in Inner Mongolia, China. I now spend most of the time in Beijing as I’m studying at a leading university. I like music and often sing songs for fun in my spare time. I also like sports, basketball is my favourite. WebSim is a powerful platform for quantitative research. We can test any of our ideas anytime we want, and we can also learn more about quantitative finance. What attracts me the most is WebSim’s data. In the summer of 2016, I spent four weeks in WorldQuant’s Beijing office as a WebSim research intern, and I want to say that the company’s atmosphere is very good.


Education: Undergraduate in computer science engineering
Languages: Hindi, English and Marathi

Yash is from India. He heard about WorldQuant from a college friend and decided to try to crack the Challenge on his own. After lots of reading, which is readily available on the WebSim help page, he managed to rank in the top five in the winter Alphathon.

I started stock trading by the age of 17. Since I’m in computer science and I love trading, I wanted to try quantitative finance at least once. WorldQuant gave me a platform to apply my coding skills to the wide range of markets. It also gave me insight into how quantitative finance actually works. Since then I’ve inspired many students on my campus to participate in the WorldQuant Challenge and held lectures to give them a nudge in this area. My real life experience also helps me to convert my trading strategies into alphas. I’ve made alphas in all markets and in all forms. Asian markets are turning out to be one of my favorites because, since I’m from India, I have a knack on how to go about in the Asian markets


North America


Education: Ph.D. in particle physics
Languages: English

Bertrand is a Research Consultant from the U.S. He graduated from a top university in Switzerland with a Ph.D. in Particle Physics and is currently a research professor in physics at a renowned West Coast university.

I enjoy looking for unique and diverse ways to create Alphas, and I am proud that my accomplishments have kept me in the top 3 U.S. consultants consistently. I hope that my success will result in a full-time opportunity within WorldQuant.


Education: Bachelors in Economics
Languages: English

Tim is a Research Consultant from the US. He heard about the WorldQuant Challenge through a friend of his who had already qualified for the Research Consultant program, and Tim decided to test his own skills. While only in his second year of college, Tim obtained one of the highest US scores in the WorldQuant Challenge and quickly qualified to join the team. Tim is an active Research Consultant and is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Economics.

The flexibility of the Research Consultant Program is great for my busy course schedule during the semester. WebSim is a user-friendly platform that enables me to instantly test new ideas anywhere. Since becoming a consultant, I also became a better student since I can apply what I learned in class to financial markets and gain a better understanding of the material.




Education: Master’s degree in physics
Languages: English, Russian

Igor is from Moscow. He is currently a postgraduate student in the molecular physics department at a leading university in Moscow. He enjoys chess and jogging.

I am fond of chess, science and many other things, and I am grateful to WorldQuant for giving me the opportunity to combine all of my interests in my work as a consultant. For example, I can set up an experiment in the laboratory and while I’m waiting for results I can write alphas. Or when I’m home I may start some simulations and play chess or watch a film or read something. So that’s all very convenient. The diversification of my activities inspires me and gives me power. Also, I’m not very good at programming, but WebSim’s expression language is so simple that it doesn't differ much from math formulas, which makes working with it very pure and mathematical. I want to be a WorldQuant consultant forever.


Education: Bachelor’s degree in Economics
Languages: English, Russian

Nikita is from Novosibirsk, Russia. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 2016 and now is occupied with working on WebSim and arranging local recruitment events and presentations on a voluntary basis. Nikita contributes a lot to Research Consulting program in Novosibirsk by maintaining communication with candidates and Research Consultants.

I enjoyed studying at the university because of challenging tasks and opportunity to learn a whole variety of complicated things. I really got used to a high level of mental workload and now creating alphas is the best way to keep my mind sharp. In my role not only can I put the university knowledge into action, but also obtain and enhance more news skills thanks to the trainings provided.