Research consultants in the WorldQuant Virtual Research Center seek to develop high-quality financial market signals (alphas) that can be used in our systematic financial strategies.

Research consultants enjoy flexibility in hours, the opportunity to work remotely and the potential to earn periodic fees based on their activity and productivity. Research consultants may also be eligible for discretionary payments based on performance. Once a user qualifies and is approved to be engaged as a research consultant, he or she will gain access to additional data sets and exclusive features.

STEP 1: Register for a new account

Sign-up and activate your account to participate in the Challenge.

STEP 2: Begin your training

Join free online training sessions and learn from our experienced investment experts. To help you get started, the welcome email from our founder will have an attached document about Alpha design.

Take your very first step in WebSim by clicking Help , where you can find detailed WebSim Documentation, Examples, Training Videos, FAQs and Suggested Readings to help you get started

STEP 3: Alpha Building Competition and Advanced Training

Upon successful registration applicants are automatically prompted to enroll in an open competition. All users are expected to try out multiple ideas and improve Alphas.

Optional advanced online training sessions on creating quality Alphas will be offered throughout the competition period. As you progress you will advance through various stages — each offering distinct educational resources.

STEP 4: Expand Your Skillset and Earn Research Consultant Opportunities

Based on the cumulative score of the Alphas created starting from the day of registration, participants attaining Gold level in the competition may be selected and offered engagements as Research Consultants, subject to satisfactory completion of background checks, execution of a consulting agreement and other requirements in the sole discretion of the Sponsor.

Meet Our Consultants


From: India

Education: Undergraduate pursuing degrees in biology and electronics engineering


From: Vietnam

Education: Ph.D. in Computer Science


From: Vietnam

Education: Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance



Can I apply to become a Research Consultant if I have already graduated / if I don't have finance background?

Yes! We are seeking engineering, science, mathematics and finance related majors with outstanding quantitative and/or programming skills. Candidates do not need prior knowledge of financial markets or programming, but must have a strong interest in learning about them. In other words, as long as you are proficient in these disciplines, we believe you are a potential candidate for this position regardless of your status as a college student, graduate student, alumnus or full time employee.


Should I send my application for Research Consultant engagement by email?

We do not accept email applications. Please submit your application by signing up for your own WebSim account at


I have registered for a WebSim account. Does it mean my account setup is complete?

An Email Address Verification email will be sent to your email address right after your registration. Please make sure to click the activation link to complete your application.


I have been registered for a while, but my account is not yet approved. What happened?

It could be for multiple reasons. Mainly, as per our operating guidelines, for applicants who currently hold a full time or part time position in a finance related industry, we require a letter of approval from their current employer that gives them permission to use WebSim. Other reasons could be that you reside in a country which we don't support yet or support only partially. If you have a question about the status of your account, please get in touch with us using the contact link.


How do I start building Alphas?

Upon account approval, you will receive a Welcome email with instructions on how to get started. The Help section of WebSim is available after login and can be accessed by clicking on the “?” symbol in the top menu bar. It is filled with helpful information including a list of detailed steps to get started using WebSim. If you cannot find a satisfying answer from above, you are always welcome to send your specific questions to or browse the WebSim Forum which is a community-supported Question and Answer blog. You can log into the Forum by using the same login credentials as your WebSim account.


Will there be a test to evaluate my skills?

No, upon successful registration through the Apply Now link, applicants are automatically enrolled in an open competition. Based on the accumulative score of the Alphas you create from the day of registration, a Research Consultant engagement may be offered.


How are Research Consultant engagements structured?

A Research Consultant will use WebSim to create Alphas and receive performance-based consulting fees as specified in the consulting agreement when these Alphas are used for trading.
Contracted consultants are not required to work any particular hours; instead, they will have the flexibility to work online, and work as much or as little as they want at any time, building Alphas utilizing their quantitative expertise and compensated as specified above.


What happens if I move to another country while I am a signed Research Consultant?

Research Consultant agreements are country specific. You must contact us prior to moving to a new country, in accordance with applicable contract terms.


Is the Alphathon competition different from the WorldQuant Challenge®?

The Alphathon is a part of the WorldQuant Challenge® - it’s much faster paced and has one-time special stipends associated with the Research Consultant engagement.

For more information about the Research Consultant Program, we encourage you to attend our Information Sessions scheduled at various Universities and online. Click here to view the current schedule.