Learning is a critical component in WorldQuant’s Virtual Research Center. As many WebSim users come from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) backgrounds, we provide both introductory and advanced training in the area of financial markets and quantitative finance. Topics may include concepts such as statistical arbitrage, market neutral strategies, long and short positions and more.

The educational component available to all WebSim users typically includes the following:
  • Live and interactive training sessions taught by industry experts
  • A library of educational videos with hours of self-paced instruction
  • Tutorials
  • Suggested readings
  • User forum 

As we recognize the various learning styles of a diverse audience, we offer resources geared to address the needs of visual, audio and kinesthetic learners, including hands-on training events.

This learning component is available to all WebSim users, and those who ultimately join WorldQuant as a research consultant will have access to more sophisticated materials and features to help them perform their roles effectively.

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